Real Estate IRA

The Checkbook IRA is increasingly recognized as the ideal vehicle for real estate investment. With this retirement plan, account holders will have two powerful advantages to succeed in the real estate market.

The Powerful LLC Platform
As a Limited Liability Company, you will be completely in charge of your retirement savings. You are the decision maker who control the types of investments and when to make the move. Forget about the complicated process of getting approval from your custodian, account holders can now elect to invest as they wish.

Real Estate IRA

The Power of Checkbook Control
As any real estate expert would tell you, a potentially profitable opportunity doesn’t just lay around and successful investors are the ones who can move quickly. With Checkbook Control, you will be able to complete transactions just by signing a check. Catch the perfect deal before it’s gone!

Access the full spectrum of Real Estate
With a Real Estate IRA, you are now able to choose among all types of real estate products available. Whether it is a secured return from rental payments, or a big earning from a foreclosure home, the choice is all yours. Real Estate IRA allows the investor to freely pursue any real estate investment they prefer.

What does it take to have a Real Estate IRA?

Sense Financial has developed a streamlined process to set up a self-directed account, which will surprise you with how simple it is. You will be able to start investing in real estate after just a few simple steps:
First, get in touch with one of our IRA professionals. We will be happy to assist you with any question and to help you decide if Real Estate IRA is the right way to build your retirement nest.
Once we decided that Real Estate IRA is the best solution for you, we will start the process of creating your Checkbook IRA and assist you with completing required forms.
After all forms are processed, you will be able to set up a checking account at any bank of your choice for your Real Estate IRA.
That’s it! You are now ready to invest in real estate!

What does it take to have a Real Estate IRA?

In order to set up a new IRA account, you will have to work with a registered custodian. With a Real Estate IRA at Sense Financial, you will be paired with a custodian who specializes in self-directed IRA’s.
The next step is to transfer your previous retirement savings into the new Real Estate IRA account.
Then you will need to have an investment platform for your IRA. We will set up a special purpose Limited Liability Company for you.
After that, it’s time to capitalize the new LLC. This means your custodian will have your funds from the IRA invested into the LLC.
The invested funds will be wired into the IRA LLC checking account that you set up previously at your preferred bank.
From this checking account, you can now start writing checks to fund your investments!

The Real Estate IRA is clearly the ideal solution to successfully invest in real estate and grow your retirement fund.

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