Entity Name Choice Tips

The following information has been provided to assist you in selecting the required name choices for your entity. Your name choices may not always be available depending on the state of formation and what rules and guidelines your state follows in allowing names. We have provided the following information to increase the probability that the name(s) you choose will be available for use in the state of formation.

How to Select your Entity Name Choices

Suggestions for Choosing Your Entity Name:

  • Make a list of several words or phrases that you would like to include in the entity name. For example: the name of the street you live on, a pet’s name, a favorite saying of yours, etc…
  • Try various combinations of the words and phrases on your list. Have someone else look at the list and read them back to you. Eliminate any names that you don’t like.
  • Make a prioritized list of the remaining names. You need to choose two names from this list to submit to us. We do require two names as your first choice name may not be available. Keep this list handy because you may need to submit new names to us if your top two choices are unavailable.

Tips to Avoid Common Name Availability Problems and Delays:

  • Avoid using your full name in the name of your entity. This is recommended to create more privacy and protection.
  • Avoid generic or common names such as: “Omega Corp.” or “ABC Inc.” or if you live in Nevada “Nevada Corp”. Generic names like these are more likely to be determined indistinguishable from another existing entity. Therefore, we encourage you to select a name that is unique to you.
  • Add “modifiers” to generic or common names. Some popular modifiers are Ventures, Holdings, Enterprises, Assets, Group, Properties and Investments. For example, instead of “Maple Tree, Inc.” try “Maple Tree Group, Inc.”. Adding modifiers increases the chance of the name being distinguishable from other existing names.
  •  Avoid using words that might imply your entity is involved in the banking business, the trust company business or financial services industry. For example, avoid using words like: financial, trust, bank. Not only can these names be misleading, but most states have restrictions on which entities can or cannot use those and similar words in their entity name. For example: in the state of New York, you cannot use any form of the word “Invest” in the name of your entity along with many other finance related words.
  • Try to avoid names that are only comprised of individual letters or initials as they are extremely common and often unavailable. For example if your name is Michael Johnson, then “M.J. Corp.” is not recommended. If you want to use your initials in the name, try adding one of the modifiers above. For example: “M.J. Properties Corp.”
  • If you choose a name with a lot of punctuation or capitalization, you will need to clearly indicate how you want the name to look. For example, if you want to use “B.J. & T. Ventures Corp” please clearly indicate the proper spacing, punctuation and capitalization.