Solo 401k – The Ultimate Retirement Plan

With The Self-Directed Solo 401k
From Sense Financial You Can:

Check Contribute up to $59,000 into your retirement plan
Check Invest in real estate, mortgage notes, precious metals, tax-liens & tax-deeds, private lending and much more
Check Eliminate custodian fees forever
Check Borrow up to $50,000 from your account for any reason
Check Have checkbook control of your account
Check Make after-tax Roth contributions (up to $24,000) without income restrictions
Check Use non-recourse financing to buy real estate in your plan without being subject to UDFI Tax
Check Achieve true diversification!
Check Grow retirement funds tax-free with a Roth 401k
Check Become your own bank
Check Make investments quickly, without custodian consent!
Solo 401k

What Our Clients Are Saying:


My concern was being a Florida resident with Sense Financial being located on the West coast.  They quickly overcame that concern for me, always responsive to any query I had, and even worked extended hours seeing I was on the East coast.

Tracy H. – Saint Petersburg, Florida


The process was extremely easy and very smooth. Their excellent team lead me step by step all the way through the process. Even after my account was set up they continued to reach out to me and answered all my questions. I highly recommend Sense Financial!

Daniel L. – Morehead, KY


They were fantastic at getting me set up with my Solo 401k. All my phone calls and emails were attended to immediately and they always answered my (many) questions with information that was easy to digest and understand.  Thanks so much for your help and for putting my mind at ease!

Celeste P. – Los Angeles, CA

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Solo 401k

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Can You Afford To Retire?

The reality of today’s investing atmosphere is this: the stock market is unpredictable when a sudden downturn can happen overnight, savings accounts offer minimal interest that could be easily swallowed up by rising inflation, and Social Security will or will not being able to fulfill its obligations in the future. And yet any gains you may get from investments may still be subject to high tax charges.

Solo 401k

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  • The Absolute Fastest Way To Accumulate Massive Amounts Of Tax-Free Cash So You Can Be Financially Free
  • How to Put Nearly Ten Times More into Your Retirement Account Than an IRA Allows
  • How to set up your own private bank that will never turn you down
  • How to Say Goodbye Forever To Your IRA Custodian, Their Fees, Confusing Paperwork And Their Snail’s Pace That Can Kill Your Deals
  • How to stop paying interest to your credit card and pay it to your own retirement account
  • How to Use Debt Financing and Never Pay A Dime in Taxes
  • Tax Free Wealth Secrets Used by Some of America’s Richest Companies and Wealthiest Individuals
  • How to Put Even More Money Into Your Tax Free Account Than The IRS Allows…LEGALLY

Professional References

Solo 401k

We refer our investors to Sense Financial to help them maximize tax benefits and take full control of their retirement accounts through the use of self-directed Solo 401(k) with checkbook control.

Crystal Han – National Manager, 360 Investments

Solo 401k

I recommend services Sense Financial offers and refer our clients to them. Each client received the best possible service. Every entrepreneur should be aware of the self-directed Solo 401k Plans they offers and I will continue recommend their services.

Stephen Hall – CEO, Robert Hall & Associates

Solo 401k

Dmitriy offers a fantastic service for real estate investors that also includes qualities of attentiveness, high integrity and always looking out for the best interest of his clients.

Sensei Gilliland – President, Black Belt Investors

Alternate investment options you get with a Self Directed Solo 401k:

Real Estate

Precious Metals

Private Business

Stock & Funds

Private Lending

Tax Deeds/Liens

Financial Concepts that Make Sense!

Greater Flexibility. Investment Freedom. Hassle-Free Management.

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