With our Self-directed Solo 401(k) Plan our clients can make high contributions, borrow up to $50,000 and use your retirement funds to invest in real estate and much more tax free!

Solo 401(k) is the Ultimate Retirement Plan for the self-employed or small business owners giving them the ability for unlimited investing and checkbook control over their retirement accounts!

This solution is often preferred by investors who want to have checkbook control of his or her IRA. After opening and funding a new IRA account with a custodian, the account owner can create a Special Purpose LLC. Then the custodian will use the IRA fund to invest in the LLC and the IRA owner becomes the manager of that LLC.

Then you are now legally allowed to make transactions without involving the custodian. This method has been substantiated through case law.

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Living Trust

Living Trust

Unlike a Will, a Living Trust has many living benefits in addition to avoiding Probate:
A Living Will, Nomination of Conservator, Durable Power of Attorney for Assets and Healthcare, Guardian for Minor Children, and more.  The most important advantage of a Living Trust is its ability to completely eliminate the costly and time-consuming ordeal of Probate.