Experience Counts

Heritage Trust has been preparing Living Trust documents nationally since 1990. Their legal staff checks each Trust carefully to be sure it is done correctly, all legal components are in order, and compliant with individual state regulations. They prepare hundreds of Living Trusts each year and are expert in their preparation.

The documents, and there are about 18 in a marital A-B Trust, are individually laser-printed on 60-pound parchment paper and inserted into a deluxe zipper binder. Each document and section is individually tabbed with a color-coded tab system, making your Trust easy to navigate. Every Trust is accompanied by a separate booklet which contains duplicate copies of your powers of attorney so that your children will have their own copies if they need them in an emergency.

Also included is the booklet “The Living Trust Companion”, which provides simple, easy reading on every aspect of your Trust. It carefully explains how to put your assets into the Trust. Finally, they remain available by E-mail and telephone to assist you at no additional cost…ever! This service alone can pay for your Trust when compared with the attorney fees you pay just for attorney telephone assistance.

If you are interested in competent and skilled Living Trust preparation, and would like to receive the finest Trust in America with lifetime backup assistance, consider the Heritage Living Trust.

The Documents Provided In A Heritage Living Trust:

  • Introductory Letter With Special Instructions
  • Abstract of Trust
  • The Living Trust
  • Schedules
  • Personal Property Transfers and Disposition of Personal Effects
  • Amendments to the Trust
  • Assets Durable Power of Attorney
  • Pour Over Wills
  • Living Wills
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • Burial Instructions
  • Instructions Regarding Donation of Anatomical Gifts
  • Settler Trustee Instructions
  • Essential Documents Location
  • Last Instructions To Your Family
  • Appointment of Guardian for Minors
  • Appointment of Conservator
  • Separate Property Agreements (A-B Trust Only)