Understanding Term Life Insurance Process

Term Life Insurance Process

Term Life Insurance Process

At Sense Financial, it only takes five steps to obtain the best term life insurance coverage for you.  Our Term Life Insurance Process is simple and responsive to your needs.

From start to finish, we are here to help you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (949) 228-9394 with any questions or concerns.

Below are the five steps along with some details that might help in the process.

1.  Answer a few simple questions online or over the phone

You can obtain a quote online using our quote generator at any time.

2.  Compare the top life insurance companies and select your policy

Your life insurance quote is generated within minutes.  Read through your options and choose from the top-rated life insurance companies in America.

3.  Complete your application and schedule your exam

After reviewing your quote, please feel free to contact us over the phone.  We will walk you through the completion of your Term Life Insurance Process.  This takes about 15 minutes.

We will then schedule a paramedical exam at your convenience, at no cost to you.

We want you to have the best available rates.  The results of the medical exam will help determine the cost of your policy.

Here are a couple tips to ensure favorable results:

24 hours before the exam: 

– Refrain from alcoholic beverages.

– Avoid strenuous exercise.

– Avoid foods high in salt or fat.

8-12 hours before the exam:

– Refrain from eating until after the exam.

– Avoid nasal decongestants and pain medication (e.g. aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen).

2 hours before the exam: 

– Limit coffee, tea or any caffeinated beverages.

The examiner will bring a copy of your application to the exam.

4.  We manage all aspects of your Term Life Insurance Process

Once we receive your completed application and medical exam results, we will forward them to your selected insurance company, and the underwriting process will begin.

The selected insurance company will review all pertinent data and results of your exam.  During this process, they will determine your eligibility based on attributes such as:  age, family history, past and current health history, height, weight, lifestyle, and driving record.  Their final ratings usually fall within three categories:  Preferred Plus, Preferred, and Standard.

Once the company approves your eligibility,  we will forward the policy to you for your review.

5.  Start your coverage

Once you receive your policy and pay your insurance premium, your coverage begins.

To begin the process of obtaining a quote go to: BestTermLife.net