Why Sense Financial?

Why should I use Sense Financial vs. other alternatives when seeking term life insurance coverage?

Sense Financial Services offers a unique combination of experience and personal service when it comes to term life insurance. Our years of experience ensure that you will receive the most competitive pricing available.  We are equipped to help with any and every family’s situation. Our commitment to service drives us to provide you with personalized and prompt attention to any questions or issues that may arise during the process. This combination of experience and commitment to service give us the unique ability to help you and your family.  We are here to serve you.

I have never heard of the company recommended. Should I still consider their plan?

At Sense Financial, we only represent the top life insurance companies in America.  Our life insurance companies have the highest ratings from independent ratings company, AM Best.  With ratings from A-, A, A+, to A++, these companies are considered “excellent” or “superior” in their financial strength and ability to meet ongoing obligations to their policyholders.  Most have traditions of paying their clients’ claims for over a hundred years.

So while you may not be familiar with their names, rest assured their top ratings ensure quality, strength and stability in providing for your family.  We only offer the term life insurance companies with the highest financial ratings, and we have the greatest confidence in them.

What type of policies are included in the proposals you sent me?

We offer term life insurance plans on a 10, 15, 20, and 30 year basis.  Premiums are guaranteed throughout the duration you choose.  Most policies can be renewed after the plan duration up to age 95 or converted to permanent life insurance plans.  Please note that annual premiums may increase significantly after the initial guaranteed period expires. Your family deserves to have the best life insurance coverage available.  We will present you with all the options so you can choose what is best for you and your family.

It only takes minutes to begin the process of protecting your family.  Go to BestTermLife.net to obtain a free quote, compare coverage, for educational resources and apply for coverage.