Sense Financial Services Hosts Great Tax Planning Strategies Event

Tax Planning Strategies Event

March 18, 2014 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: On March 19th and March 20th Sense Financial Services LLC will proudly be hosting several Tax Planning Strategies seminars in Irvine, CA and Glendale, CA, respectively, from 6:30 PM to 9 PM (PDT) both evenings.

Tax Planning Strategies Seminars

These events will be of great help for those looking for best retirement plan for self employed individuals. Discussion topics include the best retirement plan for self employed individuals, the best 401k plans for small businesses, Solo 401k’s, Solo 401k Rules, and Solo 401k Contribution factors. Those attending will also benefit from learning about estate tax gifts, small business expensing, bonus depreciation, how to determine exemptions, the additional benefits of self-directed Ira/401k, tax saving strategies for real estate investment, asset protection, and the top five deductions every real estate investor should know.

Further, learn how to plan for the ultimate retirement by using the strategies to vastly increase the amount of money you will save and keep it secure. Answers on how to say goodbye to your IRA Custodian, their fees, and frustrating paperwork will all be discussed at these events. Learn how to set up your own private bank that will never turn you down, how to stop paying interest on your credit card, and how to pay that interest to your own retirement account. These events are invaluable for those seeking the best plan for self employed individuals or simply those who wish to become more financially independent.

Featured speakers include Tony Watson and Dmitriy Fomichenko. Tony Watson is an Enrolled Agent, a federally licensed representative able to help people with audits, collections and appeals before the IRS. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business from Chapman University. He is an expert when it comes to tax planning strategies. Dmitriy Fomichenko is the President of Sense Financial Services and started his career in both financial planning and real estate investment in 2000. He has many investment properties in various states and is a licensed CA Real Estate Broker.

About Sense Financial Services

Sense Financial Services was founded with the goal of helping clients have a better retirement by using practical and empowering solutions. The expertise of Sense Financial Services include the Solo 401k and Checkbook IRA, both of which allow clients to invest and save money how they want to. The President of the company,  Dmitriy Fomichenko, seeks to educate people on how they can become financially independent and free to enjoy a retirement without any worry.

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