Sense Financial Services Venue Partner Program

Isn’t It Time You Filled Your Venue
with MORE Potential Customers?
Now with our new Venue Partner Program, it’s easier than ever to bring potential customers to your venue right from your neighborhood
Here’s How it Works:
* Host a Sense Financial seminar at your venue. The seminar will be run by one of our highly experienced experts with topics such as Financial Planning, Investing, Cash-flow management, Retirement Planning, Real Estate Investing, Social Media Marketing & Tax Planning. 
* Host the seminar using your space at no cost. You can also provide refreshments, but it is not necessary. 
* We’ll promote the logo and web site of your venue to our local contacts near your location. 
* There is no cost for qualified locations to join this program!
We are looking for location that hold anywhere from 15 – 100+ attendees. 
What are the Benefits:
(If you are qualified for our Venue Program)
*We’ll promote your location to hundreds of our contacts near you. 
*You can choose to introduce your business or venue to attendees at the beginning of our seminar. 
* You can hand out brochures, cards, flyers, or other promotional materials about your venue to all of our seminar attendees. 
* You can even invite your existing customers and contacts to our free event. 
How to Get Started:
Introduce yourself and your venue by clicking HERE. If your venue
is a good fit for the program, we will get in touch with more details! - 4195 Chino Hills Pkwy, Suite # 626, Chino Hills, CA 91709

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