Establish your plan. Roll over your funds. Gain investment freedom.

High Contribution Limits
Nontraditional Investment Options
Simple Maintenance
Total Control

Retirement solutions that put you in control.

At Sense Financial, we establish self-directed retirement plans for our clients that are set up with “checkbook control.” Our clients receive the highest quality personalized service at very affordable rates in all 50 states. As a plan owner, you can invest in real estate, mortgage notes, trust deeds and other non-traditional investments. Take control of your retirement future and invest in what you know best!

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Take control over your retirement funds:

IRS-Approved Plans

Our tax-advantaged retirement plans fully comply with IRS rules and regulations.

Checkbook Control

Our self-directed IRA and Solo 401k plans come with checkbook control, minimizing the fees and eliminating the delays associated with a traditional custodian.

Unlimited Investment Options

Invest your retirement funds in real estate, private business, precious metals, private lending, and much more!

Exclusive Client Portal

As a client, you will have exclusive access to our state-of-the-art Client Portal with hundreds of educational articles, videos, and forms to maintain your plan.

Work with Experts

We have a dedicated team of self-directed retirement planning experts with many years of experience in nontraditional investments available to you.

We Make It Simple

Our process ensures speed, accuracy, and compliance. There are no tax consequences when you rollover your retirement funds into self-directed IRA or Solo 401k plan.

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    Discover how self-directed retirement plans give you total control of your money and the ability to invest in real estate, mortgage notes, trust deeds, and much more!

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    Client Testimonials

    • The folks at Sense Financial are awesome. They helped me setup a Self Directed Solo 401K and an associated LLC. Without their help and guidance I would never have been able to create my real estate investing business structure. Their customer service is superior. Dmitriy and the staff are the best!

      Neil H. – Garden Grove, CA

    • Fantastic Service, smart people, and best of all freedom to invest my retirement money the way I want to. Dmitriy and his team are the best in the industry and the website and other tools they have built help ensure everything gets setup correctly. I would highly recommend this service if you are thinking of doing a self-directed retirement account.

      Robert M. – Holbrook, MA

    • Dmitriy and his staff have been incredibly kind, helpful, and responsive while I have been going through the process of setting up my Solo 401k plan. They have gone above and beyond to help me, and make sure I am supported every step of the way.

      Sandra H. – Chicago, IL

    • This has been the best decision I’ve made in years – I recommend Solo 401k with Sense Financial to everyone I talk to. The service provided by Dimitry and team is 2nd to none. Very attentive, very supportive and they answer any questions whenever I have them. The returns I have made in 6 months beat what I made for the past 3 years in my company 401k plan! If you have the opportunity to switch to a Solo plan, take advantage of it NOW!

      Renee A. – Westerville, OH

    • With Sense Financial’s help, I was able to get my Self Directed IRA set up. I’m not gonna say that it is a piece of cake, but every time I came up against a roadblock, it’s just a quick email and I got it cleared up for me. I know that whatever I did, there was always someone to watch over me and keep me on the right path. Even after the fact, after they have done everything that they need to do, they are still there for support, still help you with any kind of questions. For anyone who is looking to diversify their investments, I would definitely tell them that Sense Financial is the way to go.

      Bill P. – Bloomington, IL

    • I found out about the checkbook 401(k) and it sounds like the idea would be beneficial. When I worked with Sense Financial, it seemed like a perfect fit. I set up an account with Wells Fargo, I’m the trustee and it basically makes it a lot easier for me to handle the investments in the 401k. It’s a huge time saving and money saving advantage. The website is pretty self explanatory and easy to read. The Sense Financial team is great at responding to questions. I would just reiterate that my experience is positive, not a lot of companies you can say that about these days.

      Michael F. – Signal Hill, CA

    • I was very happy with Sense Financial. I was very nervous about getting into a self-directed IRA as the whole thing from the LLC setup to the IRS rules and regulations regarding self-directed IRA’s plus having to contact a Custodian as well was a lot. I thought it would be very complicated, but the team made it very easy. Questions were answered promptly and in depth which is what someone like myself desires. I felt very comfortable and still feel I can call them with any questions that may arise. It is a complicated process, but Sense Financial made it quite simple and for that I am very grateful.

      Sheila W. – Thornton, CO 

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