Solo 401k Pricing

Initial establishment fee: $600
Annual fee (starts in second year): $200

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Our Solo 401k Establishment Service Includes:

Adoption Agreement
Basic Plan Document
PPA Amendment
Summary Plan Description
Trust Agreement
Appointment of Trustee
Action by Board of Directors

Beneficiary Designation
Loan Procedure
Loan Documentation
Transfer Request Forms for incoming funds transfers
IRS Registered Tax ID (EIN) with Tax Exempt Status
IRS Opinion Letter and Serial Number

Why choose Sense Financial to set up your self-directed Solo 401k plan?

Our Annual Solo 401k Compliance Service Includes:

 Unlimited client support
 Assistance with filing of tax forms 5500-EZ and 1099-R (if required)
 Maintenance of Plan Documents to ensure IRS-compliance
 Provide Customized Transfer/Rollover Forms
 Assistance with Rollover/Transfer

 Interim Plan Amendments as required by the IRS
 Turnkey Process for Solo 401k Bank Account
 Calculation of Annual Contribution Amounts
 GUST, EGTRRA & PPA Documents
 State-of-the-art Client Portal

What our clients are saying:

Ben D.

In my opinion, anyone that owns their own business should have a Solo 401K, and I would highly recommend Sense Financial – you will not be disappointed!

Ben D. – Spokane, WA 

Sense Financial made the entire process extremely easy and they have been very responsive. I’ve recommended them to many people already.

Michael L. – Humble, TX 

Dmitriy and his staff were consummate professionals. I rolled my Solo 401 (k) into a Self Directed Solo 401 (k). Dmitriy handled it smoothly and confidently…

Mindy Jensen – Longmont, CO
BiggerPockets Community Manager

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Alternate investment options you get with a Self Directed Solo 401k:

Real Estate

Precious Metals

Private Business

Stock & Funds

Private Lending

Tax Deeds/Liens

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