2015 Owner-Only Retirement Plan : Essential Q&A for New Participants

2015 Owner-Only Retirement Plan

2015 Owner-Only Retirement Plan

The increase in demand for financial stability and growth paved the way for great investment options such as the 2015 Owner-Only retirement plan. The Solo 401 k retirement plan allows you to put your hard-earned money in retirement account and invest inmoney-making opportunities. The high maximum contribution for the Solo 401k allows participants to have bigger retirement savings and use their funds for wealth-building investments.

Before you enjoy the benefits of the 2015 Owner-Only retirement plan, make sure that you know the fundamentals of the retirement account. Here is some of the basic Q&A for the 401 k plan participants that have recently joined the bandwagon:

Q: Are plan providers the same?

Just like in any other industries, the Individual k plan providers are not created equal. Thus, it is ultimately important to choose the right plan provider before establishing an account. You need to find the right 2015 Owner-Only retirement plan that gives you total control of your retirement account, borrowing option, and no restrictions on investment options.

Q: How much is the 2015 Owner-Only retirement plan max contribution?

There are helpful plan providers that provide all the resources that their clients need including the Individual k contribution calculator. In general, there are two types of contribution that determine your maximum contribution limits. For salary deferral, the total limit per year is $24,000 including the $6,000 catch-up amount for participants that are 50 years and older. The 2015 Owner-Only retirement plan contribution, including profit sharing contribution, is $59,000.

Q: What are your plan privileges?

There are numerous advantages for plan participants especially with the right plan provider. For instance, the Checkbook Control feature allows participants to access and control their retirement funds without any custodian consent. Plan participants can avoid additional custodian charges and lots of paperwork. The 2015 Owner-Only retirement plan also allows you to borrow from your plan however not all plan providers encourage or allow this. If you want flexible access to your retirement plan, establish an account with the right plan provider.

Q: Where to invest?

You can use your 2015 Owner-Only retirement plan money for investment in real estate, precious metals, private businesses, hard money lending, and so much more. Get tax-free earning and withdrawal if you roll over to the Roth Solo k account.

The 2015 Owner-Only retirement plan is indeed a popular and lucrative option compared to other retirement and pension plans such as the SEP IRA. Establish an account for financial growth today.

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