Solo 401 K Accounts for Self Employed to Start a New Life in Retirement

401 k accounts

401 k accounts

All of us look forward to a comfortable retirement that is why working hard to save enough money or more for retirement is one of our concerns. In fact, this year’s survey on retirement shows that saving for retirement is the top worry for majority of Americans. Some have big amounts in their 401 k accounts while others may have so-so amounts on their nest egg. The biggest question here is how to achieve a rewarding retirement.

Do you already have a retirement goal? If so, have you thought of the hindrances that could affect your goal? If you are a self employed individual, do you have the 401k self employed retirement plan to assist you in obtaining a better retirement?

401 k accounts for self employed people like the Solo 401k has the feature you need exactly to help you achieve the kind of retirement you want

As we all know, retirement could be the end of your working career but a start of something new. This is where you start to take more control of your time and pursue the things you’ve been wanting to do but cannot due to your daily errands as a working professional. Your retirement savings could make or break your retirement dreams and that is why if you want to retire completely in your later years a reliable retirement plan is what you need.

401 k accounts designed for self employed individuals particularly the Solo 401k is perhaps the most competitive option than any other retirement plans for small business owners. Through this plan, investment options are unlimited and you don’t have to endure the risk of losing a lot from your retirement funds which frequently happens when you are in a traditional 401k plan. Here, you can invest your funds in the most reliable investment options like real estate, mortgage notes, private businesses and more. You can even take advantage of the Solo 401 k roth sub account feature to make post tax contribution and receive tax free money in retirement.

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