401 k Checkbook Control : Low Cost Administration, Higher Earning

401 k Checkbook Control

401 k Checkbook Control

There are numerous perks when you establish the self directed Qualified Plan 401 k but the 401 k Checkbook Control feature is one of the most beneficial and popular. This advantage is not possible with many other retirement plans as it is distinctly practiced with the Individual k account. In the previous years, plan participants mainly rely on third party administration and custodian to manage their account. The Solo k retirement plan changes all that and makes you an active participant in your retirement plan.

About the 401 k Checkbook Control

The Self-Directed 401 k retirement plan allows plan owners to be the trustee of their own retirement account. Thus, there is no need for a third party custodian to give consent whenever the plan participant want to put his money on what he deems as the best 401k investment choices. The 401 k Checkbook Control adds more ease and convenience to this through allowing total control and access to the plan’s retirement funds without custodian consent. Moreover, plan owners could skip the related custodian charges and fees as well as the paperwork required. Through the 401 k Checkbook Control feature, using your retirement money on investment is as convenient and hassle-free as writing a personal check.

Other Important Reminders

One of the most important things to know and understand about the retirement plan is the maximum contribution 401k. Plan owners can enjoy the 401 k Checkbook Control with the biggest retirement savings because the 401k maximum contribution limit is 10 times higher than or Traditional IRA plans. As of 2015, the updated contribution limit is $59,000, inclusive of the $6,000 catch-up contribution for 50 years old and older participants.

Aside from the 401 k Checkbook Control, you can also enjoy diversified investment opportunities to grow your retirement money. With the help of the right plan provider, you can enjoy earning and profit on investments such as in real estate, precious metals, foreign currencies, private businesses, and hard money lending, among many others. You can enjoy the 401 k Checkbook Control advantage or get financial assistance through the 401k loan option. Borrow up to $50,000 or half of the total plan value and repay within 5 years.

Everything you need for financial security and growth is with the Owner-Only 401 k. Enjoy better investments and earnings with convenience through the 401 k Checkbook Control and other plan features.

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