401 k Loans and Other Remarkable Solo 401 k Benefits

401 k Loans

401 k Loans

Establishing and securing a retirement plan is one of the surest ways to see your money grow and become productive especially during your golden years. Now is the right time to open a retirement policy with no less than Sense Financial. The company is a trusted administrator of one of the best retirement plans today, the Solo 401k plan. Numerous individuals are making a switch to the Individual 401 k retirement because of its remarkable benefits including the 401 k loans.

How to borrow from the 401 k loans?

You can check some of the trusted 401k online sources to learn more about the Owner-Only retirement plan. As regards to its loan features, the Individual 401 k plan allows the plan owner to take out or borrow money from their retirement funds. According to the Internal Revenue Code Section #72, the plan owner could loan up to 50% of the total value of their retirement plan or equivalent to $50,000 whichever is less without tax. The borrower could also utilize their money depending on their needs. For the repayment schedule, the loan could be paid off up to five years.

There are also other terms and conditions observed in the 401 k loans including the following:

    • The loan is to be repaid at least on a quarterly basis with minimum interest rate.
    • There are IRS penalties incurred for the loan default.
    • The entirety of the loan must be completely paid with the inclusion of the interest.

Other Benefits of the Individual 401 k

On top of the 401k plan loans, there are other remarkable upsides and benefits you can enjoy when you open an account today:

  • Checkbook Control

This is a noteworthy feature of the retirement policy which allows the plan owner to make investments and use their retirement funds as easy and simple as issuing and writing a check.

  • Flexible Options for Investment

Plan owners of self-directed accounts have the widest range of investment options to choose from. With the Solo 401 k plan, the participant could invest his retirement savings on real estate, stock and mutual funds, precious metals, foreign currencies, startup of private businesses, money lending and many others.

  • High Contribution Limits

With the highest maximum contribution limits and the 401 k loans, the Solo 401k retirement plan owner could save more and grow their retirement funds faster to enjoy a much better retirement. Annual contribution limit is $52,000 including the profit sharing contribution.