Solo 401k Real Estate Investment Will Certainly Reap Benefits from Apartment Rental Demands

Aside from rising rents, high demands in apartment rental bring good news to current plan holders and to those who plan to put their retirement savings for Solo 401k real estate investment. In the early quarter of 2014, survey shows a decrease in the percentage of apartment vacancy rate. From 4.2% in the fourth quarter of 2013, a drop to 4.0% was recorded in the first three months of this year.

Your Solo 401k real estate investment is sure to gain more from the rising demands in apartment inventory

Even if the real estate sector recovers from the effects of recession, renters remain firm with their decision to pay monthly rentals rather than purchasing a home.  The rising demand in apartment rentals continues to remain strong for the past 4 years that even the population of renters who are previous homeowners went higher by almost 10%. The estimated percentage in the number of previous homeowners (now renters) has reached from 35.1% in 2013 to 44.1% early this year.

As a self directed real estate 401k owner, this is the best time to invest further in apartment rentals especially now that the growing trend of renters is expected to grow more for the next years to come. Renters are enjoying the benefits of flexibility to move wherever they want to as well as the low maintenance cost of apartment rental. Renting a home lets them avoid unexpected house repairs such as clogged sink, damaged ceilings and floors, toilet leaks and more. Other reasons are also present such as home foreclosure, divorce, work related relocation, and the incapability to buy a home.

 Self directed 401k real estate investment on apartment rentals allow plan holders to manage the properties purchased by their 401k, allowing them to act as the landlord. If the plan holder doesn’t want to take the responsibilities of being a landlord, ha can put his Solo 401k real estate investment to groups that develop and sell apartment units and let them take charge of maintaining the unit(s) and finding tenants for a certain fee.

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