Advantages of Real Estate IRA Investing

Real Estate IRA Investing

Real Estate IRA Investing

There are several worthwhile ways to make sure that you will be spending your retirement years, and one which is venturing into real estate IRA investing. You are encouraged to discuss your plans with your chosen real estate IRA custodian, and the company will be able to help you come up with plausible strategies to ensure that your new endeavor will be a complete success.

Basic Things You Need to Know About Real Estate IRA Investing

When it comes to acquiring properties such as real estate, IRA LLC account owners should make sure that they know the basic information about getting into real estate IRA investing:

  • Any repairs, renovations and other housework that you intend to do on the property can only be made possible, only if you hire someone to do it for you. You cannot do the work yourself, so it is important to find a contractor to handle the renovations and improvements for you.
  • Payments should come from your own self-directed IRA; income from your real estate investments should also be deposited to the same IRA. You or your real estate IRA custodian cannot combine 2 different accounts (personal and IRA) together to make sure that you have enough funds for the investment.
  • Any real estate – IRA LLC acquired cannot be used for personal gain; you and members of your family cannot live in the said houses, nor can you give them as gifts. This means that you only get to use the properties as investments. This also means that you cannot hire a close friend or a family member to manage all the real estate investments that you have acquired. This is where your real estate IRA custodian should come in to help you out.

Top Benefits of Real Estate IRA Investing

Through investing on real estate, IRA LLC, especially when self directed, gives you the freedom to enjoy and saves up for your future retirement and, at the same time, reaps the following benefits:

  • All gains are tax free.
  • Your positive income or cash flow is also tax free.
  • Hold on the property is unlimited.
  • You have the opportunity to really earn and save more money through your real estate income. The money that your property will earn will be deposited into your IRA.
  • You have a wide range of choices when it comes to real estate investments that you would like to venture into: from foreclosures, to mortgage pools, to raw land and residential homes.

Real estate IRA investing will allow you to plan for your future without worrying about taxes and other expenses.

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