Controlling the Future of Your Retirement through Self Employed 401 k Plans

Following the economic crisis and the great financial recession few years back, more and more companies are now recovering and employment rate and stability has increased. Providers of self employed 401 k plans and IRA could attest that a stronger economy had risen up as more individuals are setting up 401k for self employed retirement plans. This means the trust in making investments, whether for personal purposes or for retirement, had bounced back.

Survey here and there shows increasing pattern of individuals and companies signing up their employees for 401k plans and IRAs. Among the participants signing up for qualified retirement plans, most would want to pursue the self directed retirement accounts as this type allows them to invest their money in different kinds of investment vehicles other than the traditional assets.

Self employed 401 k plans and SEP IRA with self directed feature offers total control of your retirement future

Going back from the height of the financial recession, it seems that those who have recovered had left with a trauma from the massive loss of wealth they experienced from their stock and mutual funds investment. These losses were not just from the gains and earnings they got but even their initial investments also got affected. As a result, a lot of them who have recovered switched from traditional to non-traditional assets and among the non-traditional investment choices, real estate is the top choice of most personal and retirement investors.

Self directed 401k self employed retirement plans and Checkbook IRA are the most picked retirement vehicle for self employed individuals. Aside from the non-traditional investment options, these retirement plans are also equipped with checkbook account which means that they can control not only their investment options but also the transactions that are going on with their retirement account. By simply writing a check, they can make transactions with their chosen investment easily without the need for a tax custodian. As for the Solo 401k or the self employed 401 k plans, making post tax contributions is easy because the Roth sub account feature is available.

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