IRA Investment – Important Reminders for Retirement Investors

IRA Investment

IRA Investment

Embarking on a wide range of IRA investment is the key to using the SEP 401k account money for financial growth and wealth-building. This type of retirement plan is also considered the best Solo 401 k plan for small business owners. Self directed Solo 401k plan allows plan owners to use their retirement savings to invest on numerous investment options such as precious metals, stocks, and bonds, hard money lending, and real estate. Plan participants that rollover their plan to the Self directed Roth 401k account can even invest on both traditional and non-traditional assets with no tax charges.

Types of IRA Investment Up Close

The growth and true diversification of your retirement money highly depends on the top Solo 401k plan providers. There are reputable plan administrators that go the extra mile to help plan owners multiply their retirement savings through viable investments with high ROI. Here are some of the top choices for your IRA investment:

  • Real Estate – The real estate niche is a remarkable field for wealth-building where you can use your retirement savings without violating any rules. Invest on mortgage notes, tax liens, tax deeds, and rental properties where you can generate income and profit that would flow back to the Solo k retirement account.
  • Precious Metals – A lot of retirement investors find profitable output while investing on rare and precious metals that could be traded in stocks. Gold, platinum, titanium, and silver are just few of the selections for this type of investment.
  • Stocks and Bonds – Buy stocks and bonds and finance your investment using the Individual k retirement funds. Make sure you don’t engage in Prohibited Transactions in order to avoid tax charges and other penalties according to the IRC and ERISA rules.

Checkbook Control and Custodian-Free

Making an IRA investment with the Self-Directed 401k retirement plan gives plan owners numerous perks particularly the Checkbook Control feature. With this advantage, plan participants can use and access their assets without custodian consent and additional custodian fees and charges. Using your retirement money to fund your investment is simple and easy as writing a check or wiring funds.

The Individual k retirement plan for self-employed is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative and wisest investments you could ever make. Put your hard earned money on an IRA investment that could help your finances grow a hundredfold or more. The Solo 401 k retirement account is the key to securing your money and your future.

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