Participant-Only 401k Retirement Account : A Plan for Lucrative Investment

Participant-Only 401k Retirement Account

Participant-Only 401k Retirement Account

The Participant-Only 401k retirement account offers numerous ways to earn and become profitable through using your retirement savings. A lot of people are looking for investments that make financial sense. Putting your money in the Solo k retirement plan is making sure that your money is not only saved but exponentially grows as well. How? The real estate Solo 401k investment is just one of the many ways on how you can maximize your retirement plan. The best place to start is through establishing an account with the right Individual 401 k plan administrator.

How to establish the Participant-Only 401k retirement account?

You have to meet the 401 k eligibility requirements before you can establish the retirement plan. There are two ways that would make you eligible for the Solo k retirement account. First, you have to be an owner of a small business without any full time employee except for the business owner and his spouse. Otherwise, you are also eligible to establish the Participant-Only 401k retirement account if you can prove your self-employment activities.

The Owner-Only 401k for self-employed individuals is for plan participants who work as independent contractors or consultants. However, you can still have another full time job with a company as long as it is in tandem with a self-employed activity. The Participant-Only 401k retirement account allows all qualified participants to make a higher maximum contribution which depends on what contribution elective you choose.

Maximize your Retirement Savings

The small business Self-Directed 401k participant may invest his retirement money in unlimited earning niches such as real estate, mortgage notes, tax liens, tax deeds, rental properties, and raw lands. You can use the Participant-Only 401k retirement account in other fields such as precious metals, stocks and bonds, private businesses, foreign currencies, and hard money lending among others.

Loan Privileges

The Participant-Only 401k retirement account loan option is mainly depending on the plan provider as some of them are not that amenable to this option. Thus, make sure you choose a plan provider that diligently facilitates paperwork and other loan application requirements. Plan owners can borrow up to 50% of their total plan value or $50,000, whichever is less.

Give your retirement savings the best opportunity to grow through the right investment options available. The Participant-Only 401k retirement account is the first step to plan ahead and prepare for the future through lucrative investments. It’s the most secured way for your money.

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