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Professional References

Solo 401k Testimonials

I’ve worked with Sense Financial and Dmitriy for several years now and I’ve yet to meet a professional as knowledge, responsive, and customer-oriented! I highly recommend their team if you’re considering a self-directed retirement solution. Their Solo 401k is highly flexible and robust and puts other services to shame. I’ve referred dozens of my tax clients to Sense Financial so they can take the reigns off their broker-specific “self-managed” IRA and create a Solo 401k that allows real estate investments, trading securities, and many other alternative investment options. Their service is top notch and they won’t leave you helpless. If you’re curious, just ask. If you need help, just let them know. You’ll be in great hands!

Thomas Jones – Tax Manager, OTA Tax Pros

Client Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with Dmitriy for many years. He is very thorough in his work and takes great pride in ensuring my investors receive a quality experience in Self Directing their IRA’s and Solo 401k’s to gain control of their retirement accounts to invest as they please.

Ross NelsonOrange County, California

Client Testimonials

Sense Financial is the go-to for Self-Directed IRA’s with checkbook control and Solo 401k’s. Dmitriy’s customer service is incomparable and he truly cares about the success of each client he works with. I have referred many people to his organization and they have all come back very satisfied. He gets to know the needs and concerns of each client to make sure he does what is best for them in the long run.

Scott Pastel – Partner, Marshall Reddick Real Estate

Client Testimonials

The best strategy I know is tax-free investment. You can build your future by investing now, letting it grow and not paying tax until later. If you’re doing that, the most powerful is Solo 401k. No trustee, you can self-direct, and it has higher limit. It even has a Roth component, which is amazing because then it all comes out tax-free. I urge you to find out more. The best place I know is Sense Financial. They are great to work with, no non-sense. They have good literature. They know what they are talking about. They walk you through the whole process and do all the paperwork to get you up and running. Dmitriy and his staff are great. I highly recommend them.

Reggie Lal – Founder, San Diego Investment Club

Client Testimonials

Many real estate investors put all their effort into doing more and more deals, and often get stuck in the hamster wheel of living transaction to transaction. For most of us, real estate is not about ‘doing deals’, but about building wealth and cash flow. Once you ‘get’ that, you need help from Dmitriy to protect as much of your income as possible from the tax man. I highly recommend you talk to Dmitriy and Sense Financial and learn how they can help you keep more of your money in your pocket.

Mike Hambright – Founder, FlipNerd

Client Testimonials

As a tax consultant, one thing I am very aware of is the importance of proper planning. Sense Financial and Dmitriy have been a part of our seminars for quite some time. They have consulted many of our clients in regards to the importance of setting up a Self Directed 401k and Self Directed IRA account, to shelter real estate and to help our clients save on taxes.

Tony Watson – Enrolled Agent, Robert Hall & Associates

Client Testimonials

Dmitriy Fomichenko is a wonderful person and expert in the world of self-directed IRA and 401(k) investing. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Linda Pliagas – Publisher, Realty 411 Magazine

Client Testimonials

I recommend services Sense Financial offers and refer our clients to them. Each client received the best possible service. Every entrepreneur should be aware of the self-directed Solo 401k Plans they offers and I will continue recommend their services.

Stephen Hall – CEO, Robert Hall & Associates Tax Consultants

Client Testimonials

Sense Financial team is very professional and willing to take time to explain the pro and cons of the Self Directed IRA and Solo 401k. A great resource for all small business owners!  Highly recommend Sense Financial Services!

Rudy Kusuma – Broker, Team NuVision REMAX

Client Testimonials

Dmitriy offers a fantastic service for real estate investors that also includes his qualities of attentiveness, high integrity and always looking out for the best interest of his clients.

Sensei Gilliland – President, Black Belt Investors

Client Testimonials

Dmitriy is one of the most knowledgeable representatives when it comes to accessing the power of your 401k. I find him to be respectful, attentive, professional, thorough and excellent at his craft.

Francis De Lemos – Banker

Client Testimonials

As a member of the Financial Services Community for over 25 years, I seek to associate with fellow professionals who have three key traits: Integrity, Clarity of Purpose, and Passion for clients. Dmitriy fills this tall order. His ability to identify the highest and best path for his clients, and to communicate this with clarity and meaning is outstanding. He is a great professional.

Mark Hubbard – Prime Lending

Client Testimonials

Dmitriy is very knowledgeable when in comes to self directed retirement account, including the Solo 401(k)s. He is personable and takes the time to explain everything to his clients. We don’t hesitate sending him our real estate investor clients. I recommend him!

Marco Santarelli – President, Norada Real Estate

Client Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with Dmitriy Fomichenko for over 8 years and always refer him to my clients for Retirement planning. He is dedicated to providing his clients with the best service and highest returns in the industry and I never think twice before referring a client his way.

 Reed Hazard – AmeriFirst Financial

Client Testimonials

Dmitriy has an outstanding sense for what makes real estate work. He has done it on his own, and he has the ability to advise anyone on how to be successful in real estate. I highly recommend his services.

Stan Dreckman – President, Huggins Dreckman Insurance

Client Testimonials

I have known Dmitriy now since 2007, he is by far one of the most hard working, detail oriented  honest, dedicated family man, and sincere person I have been lucky enough to know. It is a pleasure to be associated with him.

Frank Cutrone Jr. – C.E.O. Coyle Reproductions Inc.

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