Qualified Plan 401k – A Tool for Today’s Investors

Qualified Plan 401k

Qualified Plan 401k

A Qualified plan 401k allows plan owners to maximize and diversify their retirement savings. It is therefore the perfect tool for today’s investors who opted for the Solo 401 k as one of their viable sources of finance. A lot of plan owners have discovered how the Individual k retirement plan could help them with remarkable wealth-building ventures.

How the Qualified Plan 401k assists your investment?

There are unlimited investment opportunities to explore using the Single Participant retirement savings. Here are some of the investment options to choose from:

  • Real estate (commercial buildings, rental properties, warrantable condos, duplexes/4-plexes)
  • Business start-up
  • Mortgage notes
  • Tax liens
  • Tax deeds
  • Precious metal
  • Foreign currency
  • Stocks and bonds

Easy Access to Solo k Funds

Using the self employment plan 401k, plan participants could finance their chosen viable investment. The great thing about this type of retirement plan is that plan owners could actually access their money without any custodian consent. The Checkbook Control feature of the plan states that plan owners have total control of their plan assets. If you want to fund your investment, you can use your retirement savings and get it as easy as signing a check.

No More Paperwork and Fees

As the trustee of your own retirement plan, you get to enjoy numerous benefits from the absence of a custodian. For instance, you can skip the heaps of documents and paperwork necessary to access your retirement money. Moreover, you can eliminate custodial fees and other related charges because you can now have complete control over your account without any custodial involvement

Tax-Free Transactions

One of the many attractive features of the retirement Qualified plan 401k is tax-free investment. Account owners who elected the Roth 401k sub account are eligible for earnings and investments minus tax restrictions. This variant of the Individual k retirement plan states that only after tax contributions are allowed to be deposited to the account.

Another way to have tax-free investment is through a non-recourse loan. This loan is allowed if you want to leverage a real estate purchase using the Self-Directed 401 k retirement funds. Non-recourse loans assist plan owners in financing their real estate investment without triggering Unrelated Business Taxable Income or UBTI.

With the countless upsides of the Qualified plan 401k, you can have hassle-free and tax-free investment and earnings. Learn how the Solo retirement plan works and use its features for your advantage.

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