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Referral Process

Once you signed the Affiliate Agreement, you are ready to start referring clients to us and enjoy all the benefits as an Affiliate Partner.

Here is how the referring process works:

Step 1: Talk to your clients about us

Many of our clients have found the Solo 401k and Self-directed IRA LLC great solutions. These plans, however, are relatively unknown to many investors. Therefore, the greatest service you can do to your clients and other investors you know is to educate them on these self-directed retirement options.

Marketing materials: To assist you with this step, we have many resources available, including brochures, articles, educational videos and presentations. Feel free to refer to our website for more resources.
Website: If you have a website and would like to promote our service on your website or blog page, feel free to reach out to us. We will be glad to assist you to create a webpage about us and our services.

Step 2: Referring clients to us

Once you refer a client to us, we will create a profile for this client in our Client Relationship Management system and assign your name as the referral source. This way we can track the progress and this ensure that you will get paid if/when referral becomes a client. In order to do so we need at least an email address and also a phone number would be great. Once you have a potential lead, you can refer them to us in two easy way:

Email: The easiest way to let us know about your lead is to introduce us to your client via email (please copy Dmitriy at

Web contact form: If you have a website and can set up a contact form, feel free to let us know and set up a notification to our email. This is a great way to automate the referring process. We will take care of the potential leads and credit you when they become clients with us.

Step 3: Referral Payment

Referral payments are made after we settle the transaction with the new client.

Please let us know in advance your preferred payment method.

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