Retire Confidently with the Best Solo 401k Plans

best solo 401k plans

best solo 401k plans

How would you be able to retire confidently if you worry about not having enough money when you settle for retirement? Or when you worry too much that you won’t be able to send your child to college? These are just several reasons why near retiring people and the baby boomers are not as confident to retire as they were before. For individuals who own small business with no fulltime employees other than their spouse, having the best Solo 401k plans are essential to help them retire comfortably and meet their projected expenses when they decide to retire.

Solo 401k plans have two types—the brokerage based which is somewhat similar to the traditional 401k plans in terms of investment options from stock and mutual funds and the self-directed Solo 401k which offers participants different options for investment that are from the non-traditional assets such as real estate, gold, silver, and other precious metals, loans, businesses and more.

The best Solo 401k plans from Sense Financial gives participants the confidence and peace of mind they need as they settle for retirement

Not all retirement investors are confident enough to invest in traditional assets because even personal investors and majority of wealthy Americans would pick tangible assets particularly real estate over stock and mutual funds. On the other hand, low earning Americans pick gold as their form of investment which is another tangible asset. This proves to show that the instability of investing in stock market also leads to low retirement confidence.

Aside from diversified investment option the self directed Solo 401k plan provides, the ability of making post-tax contributions is also possible through Roth sub account feature of the best Solo 401k plans. This is another benefit that could make an individual gain confidence in retirement, because knowing that you will be receiving tax-free money during retirement will make you feel at ease and have the peace of mind even if tax rate soar high by the time you decide to retire.

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