Rollover my 401 k – Achieving Tax-Free Wealth-Building

Rollover my 401 k

Rollover my 401 k

If you’re one of the many that are asking the question “How can I rollover my 401 k to a Roth sub 401k account?” then it is the right time to learn the basics of this option. According to the retirement plan 401k rules, rolling over to this account allows you to experience a powerful tax-free solution. All contributions made to the Roth Solo 401k account are made after-tax and all after-tax funds can gain you tax-free growth, investments, and withdrawals. Tax exemption is a remarkable upside especially with the Roth 401 k sub account.

How a Rollover my 401 k Decision Changes Everything

The simple rationale behind the plan to rollover my 401 k is that you get tax breaks, if not up front, at least in the long haul. After-tax contributions offer numerous advantages especially when it comes to tax-free investments, deposits, and withdrawals. According to the Individual 401 k rules, the self directed Solo Roth 401 k allows plan participants to invest in both traditional and non-traditional options. The true diversification of your retirement money comes from the unlimited investment you can make. Some of the investment options to choose from include real estate, precious metals, private businesses, tax liens and tax deeds, and mortgage notes among many others. Take note that all the gains and ROIs flow back to your retirement account, tax-free.

UBTI Exemption

The Unrelated Business Taxable Income is not applicable when you purchase debt-financed properties through the Roth Solo 401k. This is one of the reasons why a lot of plan owners are making the “Rollover my 401 k” decision. Leveraged properties can be purchased without triggering UBTI and not subject under the Unrelated Debt Financed Income or UDFI which is about 35% if you use your retirement money from the Roth 401 k sub account. Freedom from UBTI tax charges is one of the major advantages especially for real estate investors.

Low-Cost Administration

The account owner is the trustee of his own retirement plan. This means simple and cost effective administration of your account. There is no need for custodian consent thus no additional fees and delays due to paperwork and document submission.

If you decide to Rollover my 401 k to the Roth 401k sub account, you are making a wise and practical decision for your wealth-building projects in the future, tax-free. Earning income using the Owner-Only 401 k is this simple and easy with the right plan provider.

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