Investing in Tangible Assets with Your Self Directed 401k Plan

self directed 401k plan

self directed 401k plan

Tangible assets have been the top choice of most Americans as investment vehicle. Outranking the stock market, real estate has been consistently favored as the best investment option for almost 3 years now, not just for the typical investors but also for retirement plan holders of self directed 401k plan. Americans belonging to the upper income bracket chooses real estate, while investing in gold is the first choice of most low income earning Americans.

Retirement plan holders of self directed 401k plan have the option to go for non-traditional assets in terms of investment using their accounts

This proves that tangible assets like real estate and precious metals like gold are better investments particularly for retirement plan holders who don’t want to put their hard earned money at risk. The benefit of physically seeing your investment makes you feel secured and knowing that your initial investments are safe are just few of the reasons why non-traditional investments are way better option for the self directed 401 k in terms of retirement planning.

Investing in non-traditional assets can only be possible if you are a holder of Solo 401k plan or self directed IRA (SDIRA). These plans are designed for self employed individuals who want to gain control on their own retirement savings, because aside from the option to choose what kind of investment vehicle they want whether it be a self directed real estate 401k, precious metals, tax liens and tax deeds, or even private and start-up businesses the plan holder can also gain control through the checkbook feature of these plans. The uncomplicatedness of setting up a checkbook account and signing checks whenever the plan holder makes transaction with his self directed 401k plan is a smooth process for every retirement investors.

For the Solo 401k, plan holders can make loans from their accounts, can assign roth contributions, and can make transactions without the interference of a custodian, avoiding fees and delays in the process.

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