Self-Employed 401k Retirement Plan: Financial Growth Made Easy

Self-Employed 401k Retirement Plan

Self-Employed 401k Retirement Plan

The Self-Employed 401k retirement plan is one of the most preferred retirement accounts today, offering a wide variety of features from Checkbook Control to diversified investments. The Solo k retirement account gives you plenty of opportunity to earn income and profit through using your retirement money. It is best to choose the right plan provider for better wealth-building options. The first thing you need to do is to comply with the eligibility requirements.

Who qualifies for the Self-Employed 401k retirement plan?

The Individual 401 k plan is available for those who can prove their self-employment activities from which they generate income to fund the retirement plan. The term self-employed refers to individuals that work as independent contractors or consultants. You can have a self-employed source of income in tandem with a fulltime employment. The Self-Employed 401k retirement plan is also available for small business owners.

Small business owners must have no fulltime employees in their payroll. However, there are also exemptions to the rule as small business owner and spouse can work as the only fulltime employees for the business. The Self-Employed 401k retirement plan offers remarkable perks for plan participants especially those who reach the yearly maximum contribution.

Diversified Money-Making and Investment

The Individual k retirement plan also offers the best 401 k investment opportunity such as in real estate. The Self-Employed 401k retirement plan allows you to use and access your retirement savings on investment options such as mortgage notes, tax liens, tax deeds, rental properties, and raw lands. You can also use the 401 k retirement account savings in stocks and bonds, hard money lending, and private business.

Borrowing Money from the 401k Plan

Plan owners of the Self-Employed 401k retirement plan can also borrow money from their retirement plan but it also depends on whether your plan provider allows the Solo 401k loan option. Participants can borrow half of their total plan value or up to $50,000. Thus, if your plan value is $40,000, you can loan up to $20,000 from the plan. Repayment term is within 5 years, in at least quarterly basis. The Self-Employed 401k retirement plan borrower repays the Prime Rate + 1% interest.

Establishing the Self-Employed 401k retirement plan is the first step towards making the right financial investment for your future. Don’t wait until you retire to make that investment. You can always establish an account now with the best 401k plan provider.

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