Small Business Retirement Plans Facilitator Honored in Prestigious 2013 Best in Financial Services Award

YORBA LINDA, California – January 24, 2014

Small Business Retirement Plans

One of the industry leading Checkbook IRA and Solo 401(k) service provider Sense Financial Services LLC reached higher ground as it became the latest honoree in the highly coveted Best of Yorba Linda Awards, an annual awards program that has been recognizing exceptional small businesses in the Yorba Linda area since 2008.

Every year, the Yorba Linda Awards selects small businesses in various categories that showcase excellence by contributing to an improved quality of life in the Yorba Linda community. Previous winners of the Awards include esteemed industry leaders such as Best Buy, Dollar Taxi, and Microsoft.  This 2013, Sense Financial was chosen in the financial services category for its integral contribution to the positive image of similar businesses through excellent consumer relationships and best business practices that merge innovation with integrity and value.

Sense Financial Services specializes in self-directed retirement plans that are integrated with checkbook control. Such pension plans are available in two types. One being a Self-directed 401(k) for self-employed clients, and the other is a self-directed IRA (SDIRA or Checkbook IRA).  In either system, account holders are given full discretion on what assets they would like to invest on. They are assigned as the trustee to their own accounts, with taxes rendered free or deferred. Investments can be anything from real estate to non-traditional ones like laser tag or candy stores, thus providing account holders greater control of their investments.

As the leading provider of Checkbook IRA and Solo 401(k) in the market, Sense Financial’s thrust is not only geared toward offering small business retirement plans to all, but enhancing the financial competencies of individuals so that ultimately, they may be able to achieve absolute financial freedom.

Best Small Business Retirement Plans Provider

Sense Financial distinguishes itself from other 401k companies in that their premium plans are tailor- made to specific client demands yet affordable enough to satisfy economic limitations. Additionally, the custodian-free system is designed to eliminate delays associated with traditional plans that require custodians, thereby allowing account holders to easily invest on whatever asset they wish when the market demand is at its peak.

With its high-quality, innovative, and practical retirement offerings, Sense Financial is uniquely positioned to serve the investment needs of any American retiree.

About Sense Financial Services LLC:

Sense Financial Services LLC is a market leading retirement plan service provider  that has been servicing  all 50 states since (year company was founded).  The California-based company aims to empower clients toward wiser financial stewardship through premium quality and affordable tax-free plans that let them enjoy higher contributions and checkbook control over investment funds for client-selected asset investment.

The company is widely recognized for its reliability and integrity in the business and has been featured in The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, CBS, Fox News, and many others.

Take better control of your finances and your future. Contact Sense Financial Services today and receive a free personalized consultation on the head-start to financial freedom.