Solo 401 k Checkbook Control Feature – Easy Plan Control and Management

Solo 401 k Checkbook Control Feature

Solo 401 k Checkbook Control Feature

The Solo 401 k Checkbook Control feature is one of the powerful benefits of the retirement account. The self diected Qualified 401k plan allows plan owners the total and easy control over their assets and funds. This is an appealing feature because it offers low cost administration and management of your account. The Individual 401 k plan makes wealth building and financial growth possible without heaps of paperwork and documents.

More about the Solo 401 k Checkbook Control Feature

The main benefit of the Checkbook Control for the Participant-Only 401 k is that it eliminates the need for a third party custodian. With the Solo 401 k Checkbook Control feature, custodians are no longer needed for approval of your asset use and management. The plan owner is basically the trustee of his own account. This makes the 401k low cost in terms of administration. There are no custodial fees and charges related to accessing and using your retirement funds. Plan participants enjoy the ability to invest without waiting for custodian confirmation. This means there are no delay and no need for additional paperwork and documentation. The Solo 401 k Checkbook Control feature gives you total control over your retirement funds and assets.

Where to use your retirement funds?

Wealth building is one of the most appealing offers of the Solo k retirement plan, especially with the right plan provider. Plan owners become retirement investors through using their retirement money on allowed transactions. Diversified investment option is offered for qualified plan owners. Using your retirement savings on investments such as real estate is as easy as writing a check through the Solo 401 k Checkbook Control feature. Real estate is a form of tangible asset. This makes it a viable option for investment especially if you want security and total asset control. You can control and manage your real estate assets unlike in the stock market where everything is constantly changing and fluctuating.

The Solo 401 k Checkbook Control feature is just one of the many privileges you can enjoy when setting up the retirement account. It offers tax-free earning and withdrawal for clients that prefer to make after-tax contribution. You can do this through rolling over or contributing to the Roth Solo 401 k account. With the right plan provider, participants can also access the loan option.

The One-Participant 401k is truly a lucrative investment for everyone. Don’t wait until you reach the prime of your life to make the investment. Enjoy the Solo 401 k Checkbook Control feature when you set up an account today.

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