Solo 401k Gold Investment, the Top Choice of Middle and Low Income Americans

401k gold

401k gold

2011 was the year when investing in gold is at its peak. Self directed 401k gold investment was the top choice of American retirement investors as it got the highest market value during that time compared to real estate and stocks. It was also the time when gold in IRA becomes popular in terms of investing for retirement. Three years had passed and gold is still competing with other investment vehicles for the best long term investment choice.

401k gold investment is still a solid choice for most Americans along with real estate which is another non-traditional asset

According to survey, middle and lower earners choose gold as the best long term investment option. Leading at 31%, low income Americans would choose investing in gold compared to 28% who would choose to invest in real estate, while only 13% would go for stocks and mutual funds. Tie at 26%, mid income investors pick gold and real estate, while stocks and mutual funds got 25% which is actually just behind by 1%. Other investment choices included in the survey are saving accounts, CDs, and bonds.

Low income earners according to the survey are those household earning $30,000 and below while the mid income earners are those receiving $30,000 to $74,999. On the other hand, real estate is the top choice for higher income Americans earning $75,000 and beyond. It seems that Americans had somehow diverted their investment attention to non-traditional options rather than concentrating in the stockmarket.

Investing for retirement also allows tangible assets like gold and real estate as 401k investment options. In fact, real estate has been the top choice of retirement investors who own self directed retirement plans like the Solo 401k. Solo 401k gold investments and other precious metals are also offered by self directed retirement plan providers alongside with other investment options like loans, private businesses, start-up businesses, tax liens and tax deeds and other investment options that are non-traditional.

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