Solo 401k Investment in Real Estate – Building Wealth with the 401k Plan

Solo 401k Investment in Real Estate

Solo 401k Investment in Real Estate

The Solo 401k Investment in Real Estate is only one of the many ways how plan participants could boost their retirement funds. You are in the right path if you have already established an owner-only 401k retirement account. On top of establishing the Individual k retirement plan, you must also find the best plan providers of 401k. Not all plan administrators offer wealth-building opportunities to their clients. Only the right people can facilitate your investment ventures and help you earn using your retirement money.

Why the Solo 401k Investment in Real Estate?

The real estate industry is one of the most viable and lucrative in the industry. Hence, it is where you can also invest your retirement funds if you aim for better ROI. There are numerous options in the real estate niche where you can see your money exponentially grow. Use your retirement money in investments such as the following:

  • Mortgage Notes
  • Tax Liens
  • Tax Deeds
  • Rental Properties
  • Multi-unit buildings for tenants
  • Single detached homes
  • Condominium units
  • And so much more

How the self-directed plan 401k helps in wealth-building?

There are several features of the qualified 401k retirement plan which could facilitate your ventures for business and investment. With the Solo 401k Investment in Real Estate and many other fields, you are well on your way towards financial security and growth.

Here are the other features of the 401k retirement account that offers more perks for your business ventures

  • The 401k to Roth Account Rollover – Rolling over to the Roth sub account entitles plan participants to make after-tax contribution up to $24,000 per year. After-tax contributions offer tax exemptions on your investments, earning, and even withdrawals.
  • Checkbook Control – Plan owners have easy and convenient access and use of their retirement funds with this particular feature. You can use your retirement money without any custodian consent thus no additional custodial fees and charges. Using your money for investment is as easy and fast as writing a check.
  • High Maximum Contribution – The Individual k retirement plan has ten times higher maximum contribution compared to traditional SEP. With higher contribution comes bigger savings for wealth-building.

You will certainly have a secured and more productive financial future with the Solo 401k Investment in Real Estate. Maximizing the full potentials of the 401k plan for self-employed and small business owners will start with finding and working with the right plan administrators to help you.

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