Leverage Your IRA or Solo 401k Investment

With a self-directed retirement account such as a Solo 401k plan or a Checkbook IRA, it is possible for investors to hold real estate assets in their retirement account. Not only that, with the use of non-recourse financing, it is now also possible to leverage your IRA or Solo 401k investments.

Roger St.Pierre, Sr. VP of First Western Federal Savings Bank (www.myiralender.com) will show you how to purchase or refinance an investment property inside of your self-directed IRA LLC or 401K trust. Whether commercial or residential, purchase or refinance, you will learn the process of obtaining a non-recourse loan for your IRA or Solo 401k investment.

If you can’t view the video, please visit: https://youtu.be/GbFkODatTLw

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Alternate investment options you get with a Self Directed Solo 401k:

Real Estate

Precious Metals

Private Business

Stock & Funds

Private Lending

Tax Deeds/Liens

Financial Concepts that Make Sense!

Greater Flexibility. Investment Freedom. Hassle-Free Management.

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