Why Professional Consultants Need the 401k Plans for Self-Employed

401k Plans for Self-Employed

401k Plans for Self-Employed

There are lots of retirement plans in the industry nowadays but the 401k Plans for Self-Employed prove more lucrative and helpful especially for qualified professional consultants. Eligible individuals who can establish the retirement account have the opportunity to see their retirement funds exponentially multiply through viable investments. Professional consultants such as physicians and doctors could find other sources of income aside from their line of work.

The 401k Plans for Self-Employed for Business Ventures

Joining the world of entrepreneurs require you to have the passion for the niche you choose. More than the determination and skills, you definitely need financial assistance to use for investment. The 401k Plans for Self-Employed offer flexible financial support for plan participants and professional consultants who want to try out business ventures.

How can the self-directed plan 401k help you in your business plans?

Through the Individual k Retirement Loan

Plan owners are allowed to borrow from their retirement account. With flexible repayment terms and the lowest interest rate, you can have hassle-free access of your retirement funds. Borrowers are required to repay the borrowed amount in full on top of the interest rate hence pay the Prime Rate + 1%. Participants can repay in a quarterly basis on a span of 5 years or shorter.

Solo 401k Investment in Real Estate

One of the most popular options where you can use your retirement funds is in the real estate business. Since plan owners have easy access of their retirement money through the Checkbook Control feature, investing in real estate is easy and fast. You can invest in mortgage notes, tax liens, tax deeds, rental properties, and so much more. Make sure however that you don’t engage in prohibited transactions while venturing in real estate. Using a recourse loan in purchasing a real estate property for investment is one example of a prohibited transaction.

Rollover to Roth Solo k Sub Account

This feature does not provide tax breaks upfront however it can provide the best financial help in the long run. If you rollover to a Roth Solo 401k sub account, you are allowed to make after-tax contributions giving you the opportunity to invest, earn, and withdraw funds tax-free.

Choosing the 401k Plans for Self-Employed is absolutely a wise decision for wealth-building. Make your retirement plan work for you and explore other sources of income through business ventures today other than being a professional consultant.

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