401 k Real Estate โ€“ Investment Solutions for More Lucrative Results

401 k Real Estate

401 k Real Estate

With the growing number of retirement plans, the 401 k real estate option is a remarkable reason why more people prefer the Solo 401k retirement policy. It is not enough to just establish a retirement plan that could not guarantee multiple ways of boosting your money. The Individual 401 k especially from renowned and reputable companies such as Sense Financial could certainly offer sure ways of earning more during your golden years and even before that.

A Wide Range of Investment Options For 401 k Real Estate

The 401k real estate investment has the power to make your money grow especially if you have already retired from the workforce. There are however many other options to choose from if you want a wider range of investment fields to explore. Aside from the 401 k real estate, you can also invest in foreign currencies, mutual bonds, stocks, tax liens, mortgage notes and so much more. It is easy to use your retirement savings in order to fund your investment because the Owner-Only retirement plan has the Checkbook Control feature.

401k Real Estate and how to borrow from the Solo 401k

The loan feature of the Individual 401 k retirement plan states that the owner could borrow money as much as $50,000 or 50 percent of the plan value. The loan is with the lowest interest rate or 3.25 percent as of January 2012. All borrowers of the plan could use their loan to fund any financial needs from debts to bills to starting up a new business or investing on 401 k real estate, mortgage notes, stocks and precious metals among others.

Tax Benefits of the Individual 401 k

The Solo 401k retirement account also has the Roth feature. This is a sub-account of the retirement plan which enables plan owners to contribute after-tax in order to be saved from the tax restrictions. Moreover, the Solo 401 k retirement policy could exempt the plan owner from Unrelated Business Taxable Income or UBTI as well as the Unrelated Debt Financed Income or UDFI. This is a remarkable leverage for the plan owner as it provides major tax benefits particularly when they buy a 401 k real estate property.

Everything you need in a retirement plan is provided in the Solo 401 k retirement account. From the 401 k real estate investment option to other flexible business opportunities, you can use and maximize your retirement savings with the Individual 401k big time.

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