Individual 401 k – Big Earnings From Powerful Retirement Plans

Individual 401 k

Individual 401 k

The Individual 401 k retirement account is your surefire ticket to a financially secure and productive future. No other pension plans could help you maximize your retirement funds and boost its value. If you want better services and more advantages from your Self-Directed pension plan, it is important to establish your pension plan with a reputable and trusted plan provider, such as Sense Financial.

How the Individual 401 k Retirement Plan Can Boost your Money

The Solo 401k pension plan is one of the most recommended retirement accounts for maximizing retirement funds. If you choose to establish the 401 k plan for self employed, you can simply sit back and watch your money grow. How? There are innumerable ways on how you can double your money through using your retirement savings. Here are some of the investment options where you can use your Individual 401 k pension plan:

  • Real Estate – One of the topmost choices of investment for your retirement savings is the promising real estate industry. You can find numerous investment options in this rewarding industry such as purchasing residential homes, rental properties, investing in mortgage notes, tax deeds, tax liens, and so  much more.
  • Precious Metals – The 401 k plans for small business is likewise a good funding source to invest in precious metals. There are various precious metal choices such as gold, iron, silver, platinum, and many others.
  • Stocks and Bonds – You can use your retirement savings to fund investments in stocks and bonds. The income generated from your investment can be made tax-free through the Roth 401 k sub account where you can make an after-tax contribution, allowing you to earn money from your retirement savings free from tax restrictions.

A Pension Plan that Makes You a Trustee

According to the provisions of the Individual 401 k retirement account, the plan owner is allowed to act as his account’s own trustee. As a trustee, you can make the investment as you see fit and you have control over your assets. The 401 k plans for small business do not require you to earn custodian’s consent before you can access and use your retirement funds for investment.

With the help of the Individual 401 k account, you can have huge earnings and savings without the restrictions of traditional pension plans. Establish your retirement account with a reputable plan provider.