Self Directed IRA

Self Directed IRA: Understanding Your Options

Self Directed IRA
Self Directed IRA

In a Self Directed IRA, the IRA account holder (or possibly another party appointed by the account holder) makes all the investment related choices for his or her retirement account. The account holder conducts his own due-diligence on the potential investment, chooses his own investment advisor and decides how much to invest.  Because a Self Directed IRA is considered a “Qualified Plan”, investments made with this account are grow in the tax-deferred or tax-free (in case of Roth IRA) environment.

Investment Options

Unlike with conventional retirement accounts, that are managed by conventional custodians such as Fidelity or Chase, etc., where they limit investment choices to stocks, bonds and mutual funds, investment options with self directed IRA are virtually limitless:

  • Commercial and Residential real estate
  • Non-exchange traded real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Tax Liens and Tax Dees
  • Offshore Hedge and funds
  • Mortgage Notes and Trust deeds
  • Private businesses or LLCs (Limited liability companies)
  • Limited partnerships (LPs)
  • Single and family member (LLCs)
  • Secured and Unsecured loans to businesses and individuals
  • … and much more!

Your Investment Options

With a self-directed IRA, your options include, but are not limited to:

  • Buying a Rental Property
  • Lending money to a private business owner
  • Lending money to another investor to purchase investment property (become a bank)
  • Invest in a non-publicly traded business

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