Zero Risk on Your Retirement Savings with 401k Solo Plan

401k solo plan

401k solo plan

Nowadays, people are becoming cautious when it comes to investing for retirement. Not all retirement investor particularly small business owners are confident enough to invest all their retirement funds in stocks where they could either earn from or lose all their savings big time. This is why more people are setting up 401k solo plan which allows them to avoid the risk of putting their funds in traditional investment options. According to a survey, most Americans would rather choose investment vehicles with low return as long as it gives them the peace of mind that their retirement contributions or initial investments are safe and that they’d be getting at least a decent amount when retirement age approaches.

401k Solo Plan not only provides non-risky investment types but also total control on your retirement funds and high yield on returns

Going for the solo 401k plan doesn’t necessarily mean that you are putting your funds in a no-risk-low-return investment. In fact, some of the investment options that the solo 401k plan providers will present to you are high yielding investment vehicles especially real estate—which is in fact the top choice of richer Americans since 2012. Compared to investing in stock market, real estate investment is not as risky as it may seem. Real estate is a tangible asset that you can control, and the way to handle your investment is the way how your retirement income grows.

The 401k solo plan gives retirement plan holder the authority to manage their investments and choosing from the risk-free options allowed on the said plan gives an individual the confidence they look for in retirement planning. Setting up the Solo 401k is very easy for small business owners and their spouse running the business with no fulltime employees and also for employed individuals who are earning from a small business apart from his fulltime job. Aside from no-risk investments, you get to experience checkbook control and the Roth subaccount feature that could help you tax diversify your retirement funds.

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